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You can find our most frequently asked questions about what to expect, what to bring and how much an appointment will cost below. If you cannot find what you’re after feel free to contact us via the form on this page or CONTACT US. We are here to help!

At your first appointment you will have an opportunity to tell us your story, explore and set your goals and undergo a comprehensive assessment of your balance and mobility, so that we have a baseline from which to map your journey to wellness. This assessment takes at least 60 minutes and you will be given a detailed professional report which is also sent to your specialist and GP (with your permission). From this assessment we will have a better understanding of who you are and your unique challenges, which allows us to place you in an appropriate group.

Parkinson’s Disease is a progressive neurological disorder that affects smooth, controlled movement. It is characterised by some or all of the following motor symptoms; bradykinesia (slow movements), Rigidity (stiffness and loss of joint range), tremors (rapid oscillating movement predominantly affecting hands, feet, mouth and head), balance issues and postural changes (typically a stoop). These are the symptoms that can be seen but Parkinson’s Disease can also cause non motor symptoms such as anxiety, apathy, depression, fatigue, sleep problems, loss of smell, incontinence, constipation, problems with temperature regulation, postural hypotension, cognitive changes, speech and swallowing concerns and pain.

Currently, there is no cure for Parkinson’s disease. However, identifying individual symptoms and determining a proper course of treatment can help most people with the disease live enjoyable, fulfilling lives.

Managing Parkison’s Disease can be challenging so it is important that you have a team of health professionals who can collaborate and guide you. Remember this is your journey, so understanding Parkinson’s Disease and making clear and realistic goals is essential for improving your quality of life. Don’t accept the narrative that there is nothing you can do to live better.

Physiotherapy can improve mobility, balance, muscle strength, flexibility and coordination helping you manage symptoms and maintain independence. Therapists also provide exercises to enhance cognitive functions, reducing brain fog, improving dual tasking and helping you live more confidently with Parkinson’s.

Yes, speech therapy can address speech and swallowing difficulties commonly associated with Parkinson’s. Therapists work on vocal exercises, communication strategies, and swallowing techniques to improve quality of life.

Occupational therapy focuses on daily activities and fine motor skills. Therapists help patients adapt their routines, recommend assistive devices, and provide strategies for coping with activities of daily living.

Maintaining a healthy diet, regular exercise, a good night’s sleep and managing stress are essential to managing your Parkinson’s Disease. Did you know that poor hearing may increase your risk of cognitive decline so make sure you get your hearing checked and treated as required. Social isolation will also predispose you to cognitive decline, so make a special effort to attend social events and get involved in group classes where you can be yourself within a group of people who ‘get you’.

To schedule an appointment, please CONTACT OUR CENTRE. We’ll be happy to assist you in getting the care and support you need.

No, you do not need to be referred by your doctor, you may book an appointment with an Allied Health Professional without a doctor’s referral. Please note however that only a neurologist/Movement specialist may diagnose Parkinson’s Disease.

Yes we work with people who are either self-managed or plan managed participants of NDIS.

We are registered with most of the Home Care Package Providers; so please call us to enquire about your particular provider.

Please wear comfortable clothing that will allow you to move well. Wear supportive closed in shoes, you cannot exercise safely in sandals or slippers. Bring along a water bottle, a small towel, your typical walking aid if you use one and don’t forget your medication if you are due a dose during the time you are at the Park.

Yes of course we encourage you to bring along someone you trust. It is important at your initial assessment to have your spouse/partner/adult child to attend if possible. There is always a lot of information given at these appointments that will help your family understand why you are experiencing the challenges you have.

Yes of course, your carer is a valued member of your care team and we encourage their participation with you in classes. This way they are able to assist you with activities we provide and are then better equipped to assist you with carryover at home.

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The Parkinson’s Centre Google Reviews

Mike SmithMike Smith
23:02 14 Feb 24
I am thoroughly satisfied with the care and attention I receive as a Parkinson sufferer from the professional staff at The Park. They provide programs in a clean, modern facility with the latest knowledge and equipment. If you have been recently diagnosed with PD or have a more advanced condition, I can recommend The Park as the place to go to receive the best in individual or group physiotherapy.
Sue RussellSue Russell
06:13 14 Feb 24
I really enjoy my physio at the new Centre. Barbara and Rory have done a great job so far. I'm sure the future extensions will give usmore opportunities to improve our mobility and mental health.I am very happy that Barbara and Tina continue to offer Parkinson'speople the support needed.
John & Libby EdwardsJohn & Libby Edwards
00:37 14 Feb 24
I thoroughly enjoy my exercise classes at The Park. I feel safe, secure, welcome and supported. The gym is spacious and has excellent facilities. The equipment has been specifically designed, is brand new and satisfying to use. The Park is people orientated. There is a genuine sense of community fostered in classes. For me, The Park is a happy, welcoming place where I am encouraged to expand my boundaries. John Edwards
Susie ThomasSusie Thomas
00:35 14 Feb 24
Barb runs an amazing program, and has such passion for improving the lives of people with Parkinson’s (and their carers). We’ve been coming to Barb’s classes for a couple of years and we love it. It’s the highlight of our week. My husband loves coming here, and so do I. If I could give 100 gold stars I would.
Leanne WolfeLeanne Wolfe
22:23 10 Feb 24
Well equipped gym. Easy parking. Experienced Parkinsons related Pysio therapists. Newly opened. Friendly front desk gentleman. Highly recommended
Helen HallHelen Hall
02:58 05 Feb 24
I have attended class programs for two years and find the staff very professional, supportive and caring for the individuals and their journey. Programs suit all level of Parkinson's Disease within each class as well across the client cohort.A wide range of equipment provides challenges for every level. Cognitive maintenance is a constant element of the classes - often causing much fun!The premises are spotlessly clean - and air-conditioned. The location is easily accessed from the Bruce Highway and ample parking is available.The classes typically have developed into friendly support groups.
Margie DoyleMargie Doyle
00:58 05 Feb 24
I cannot speak highly enough of The Park - Parkinson's Centre. Barb is professional, friendly and caring as is Tina and Rory. I always feel very welcome and comfortable with all the great people in the class. I leave the class feeling motivated to keep exercising and to always try my best. The exercise room is spacious and I have everything I need to make the most out of my sessions. Good location and heaps of parking
00:03 05 Feb 24
The Park is an amazing facility with professional and friendly staff who focus on each individual client. As the name suggests The Park tailors for people with Parkinson’s. The new premises are modern and welcoming and the staff greet everyone by name. The staff are extremely caring and you feel very valued as a member of The Park Everything is scrupulously clean and hygienic. The clients often undertake regular group sessions so people get to know one other well without any expectations of more involvement than they are comfortable with. The equipment is innovative and fun to use and a lot of items used can easily be obtained cheaply for home practice which is a great bonus. The new premises are easy to access, with ample parking and the proximity of the Super IGA and excellent coffee shop are an added attraction . I highly recommend The Park to anyone with Parkinsons.
07:38 04 Feb 24
The Park is an excellent facility for people with Parkinsons disease.It is very accessible, with ample parking, and a has a very welcoming atmosphere on arrival. The programs are always varied, interesting, and topical.Barbs, Rory and staff are always very positive and obviously care and committed to their clients.I wish them all the very best for the future.
Megan MooreMegan Moore
00:49 04 Feb 24
Recent visits to The Park. We were met and welcomed in by the Receptionist and felt we were not just a number. We were made to feel special.The Park location is great just off the highway. The equipment in the Gym is unique. Barb has put alot of knowledge and time into being able to assist and help not only Parkinson’s but people with brain disease.The premises are well designed and clean and fresh. The best thing of all for me is there is a well equipped Disability Toilet. Overall a very impressive experience.
Movement For Parkinson’s